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Atelier OASE is a think-tank that focuses on an innovative and sustainable (construction) industry.


The name of our company brings us back to a little bar called OASE. A place where our thoughts first crossed. A place where everything was possible and unpredictable. There was never a plan, but the craziest things could happen.


We still treasure this mindset and implemented it into Atelier OASE. We love creating new things without setting limits or knowing the outcomes.


Atelier OASE is a think-tank that strongly believes in entrepreneurship.


Within the structure of Atelier OASE new companies or start-ups can develop to connect (theoretical)research with the (production)industry. A first realization is Re-trace.io, a platform that traces material streams. Re- is one of the selected start-ups within the accelerator-network of Startit@KBC.


We strongly believe that investing in collaboration with other companies is crucial in creating a bigger impact on the industry.

With our research-atelier we strive to seek innovative and sustainable solutions, with our building-atelier we strive to execute them.

We move on the line where theory and execution meet each other to create the best solutions. 


Atelier OASE strives to have an economic and a social impact on the long term. By listening to the needs of the industry and the market we try to accelerate the transition to an innovative and sustainable (construction) industry. 



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